LED Sign Board


LED sign board and Channel letters are the best way of representing your company. It looks more premium than other normal signs boards, it attracts visitors hence your brands get popular, LED Sign Boards are more reliable and use less power as compared to tube light signages.

LED sign boards use a LED module as lighting source instead of neon tube lights and normal tube lights. If you want light from front of letters then we use acrylic letters, if you want it should be backlit then we use metal signage as metal can’t pass light from front.

Designs of LED sign boards are customized, if you want larger signage boards then we will recommend 3D Acrylic Letters or 3D Channel Letters if your signage board are smaller then we can use Router cut ACP base with solid acrylic letters with inbuilt LED in ACP box.

LED Sign Boards life depend upon quality of LED which you use for your signage, if you want cheep option then we can use normal LED, its life span is one year, but if you use better LED then its life will increase up to five years.